Gasteraloe Hybrid

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CoronaCactus Exclusive Hybrid

×Gasteraloe hybrid

(Gasteria cv. ‘Sakura Fuji’ seed parent)

Open Pollinated

This plant is our own CoronaCactus hybrid. This plant was grown from open pollinated seed with Gasteria cv. ‘Sakura Fuji’ as the seed parent and the other parent being an Aloe. Quite a beautiful looking plant, dark reddish/purple with some pink tones. The name Gasteraloe comes from crossing the two different genera, Gasteria and Aloe. (intergeneric hybrid) The plant has dark and light green marbled colored smooth leaves. This plant grows best in sun to part shade. Keep in good bright light to retain the dark leaf color. Flowers are and orange/pink/yellow color.

NOTE: Being from open pollination each plant will vary in size and color.