Adenium socotranum

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Seed Grown Plant -- Rare Species

This plant is endemic to the Island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. The island has been next to impossible to visit due to military operations and it is highly illegal to collect any plant material. It’s only been in recent years that the island has allowed visitors allowing this species to become available. Before then, plant availability was through propagation of the few plants that are in cultivation. It is our privilege and honor to be able to offer this plant. This is a very rare species and not very well known in cultivation. Of what is known about this plant, it can be very variable. This is the largest species of Adenium with some plants growing to over 12 feet tall with a caudex 8 feet in diameter. Some plants grow tall with a short cylindrical base, while others grow fat and wide. They do branch with short thin branches and dark green leaves with a pronounced whitish/yellow mid-vein. The monsoonal winds and other climate variances of the Island dictate the growth form of each plant. In cultivation this plant prefers a wide shallow pot, almost bonsai style and a free draining soil mix. Watering is similar to other Adenium species and should also be treated like others during winter the months. This is the actual plant that you will receive. This plant is not a rooted cutting nor a grafted plant, it has been grown from seed. This is the true species, not a hybrid. It is shown in a 3.5” pot.  The plant likes full to partial sun. Water in the summer (or when in leaf) but let it dry out during the winter (or when not in leaf). Overwatering can also cause this plant to drop its leaves. The flower is a pale to bright pink.