Agave titanota cv. 'Stacker'

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Very Rare Cultivar

Stacker, Tower, Tower of Babel, Lanky Wanky

This plant is a bit of a mystery. We originally received the plant as Agave ‘Stacker’ however; this name does not seem to exist. Perhaps renamed for catalogue purposes or lack of knowing it already had a name or simply to be more fitting? We did find mention of a cultivar named Tower, Tower of Babel and Lanky Wanky which all seem to point to the same plant and matches the description of our plant. A small rosette form, very toothy, green/blue colors and grows a stalk. Very similar to the Kelly Griffin cultivar ‘Black and Blue’ but without the stalking growth form.  We also found out that Kelly’s Black and Blue cultivar produced some oddballs with strange growth forms during the tissue culture process. This cultivar is an Agave titanota sport. As the name implies, it grows upwards and stacks its rosettes. Grow this plant in full sun to part shade. Water the plant regularly and as it matures, the plant needs less water. 

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