Aloe cv. 'Superkrap'

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CoronaCactus Exclusive Hybrid

Aloe suprafoliata × krapohliana

This plant is our own CoronaCactus hybrid. We have humorously named it ‘Superkrap’. Which is 2-fold, a combination of the 2 species names and it’s like a super-sized krapholiana. Our original plants are approaching 4 years old and have reached a size of about 6-8” wide and 10-12” tall. They have not flowered yet, so the long flower time must have been inherited from suprafoliata. They start out in a fan shape and rather quickly start to form a rosette of upright curved leaves. This is a great combination of both species!! The leaves have a lovely blue color and are very plump with sharp teeth. Grow this plant in full sun to part shade. The flower color is still unknown at this time.