Aloe variegata

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Partridge Aloe

This plant is native to South Africa and Namibia. This plant forms a nice clump, and on this particular form, the heads stay a little smaller than what is typical. Grow this plant in full sun to part shade. The flowers are red.

PLANT NOTE: Be aware that this species was recently tissue cultured in mass quantities. Tissue cultured plants are ALL the same clone. They will all look the same and not have ANY natural variation. They will not pollinate with each other to create seed. Any seed that is created will be of hybrid origin with another aloe species. We really are not sure why anybody would tissue culture this species, as it is fairly easy to grow from seed and rather widely available.

Our plants are all seed grown, we produce our own seed from our stock plants and they will freely pollinate with each other to create true seed. This is very important if in the future you do plan to grow this plant from seed for yourself. They will all show some degree of natural variation in leaf thickness, length and spotted patterns.