Caralluma speciosa

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This plants habitat is in East Africa; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Horn of Africa; Somalia, Ethiopia, probably also in Djibouti or Eritrea. This plant has thick chunky stems that are a matte green color, but can show some nice color tones in strong sunlight. This plant freely branches to form a medium to large height shrub, to about 2 feet tall and twice as wide. The stems can reach up to 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. In part shade the plant will keep a nice green color, in full sun red/purple/pink tones will come out on it and the stems can get a waxy coating. Water in the summer but let it dry out during the winter. The flower is a dark purple/black with a yellow/orange center and they are produced in a large sized cluster at the tip of the stem. This is a very unusual bloom.