Copiapoa longistaminea ‘Tigrillo’

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Localized form of C. longistaminea

This plant is native to the Quebrada Tigrillo, Chile. This is a slow growing/slow clumping cactus with beautiful stout orange/brown spines and a dark green and/or dark brown body. Grow this plant in full sun to part shade to keep the body color and the spines tight. The flower is yellow.


History of notes on this plant:

March 2011: 
We're still working on figuring out just what this plant is. There is an invalid Karl Knize name floating about (Copiapoa tigrillensis) of which Rudolf Shulz places as Copiapoa longistaminea. This may be a good candidate, but locating photos and other solid info about C. tigrillensis will need to be carried out. 

July 2011:
After further research, Only 4 species grow in the Tigrillo Valley area. C. longistaminea, C. taltalensis, C. columna-alba & C. grandiflora. We feel confident rulling out C. columna-alba so that leaves just 3. Other resources suggest C. sp. 'Tigrillo' is an intermediate form of C. longistaminea / C. columna-alba. , but those photos do not match the plant we have here. Further research will be needed to clear this up. From other knowledgeable growers, it's been suggested as C. megarhiza. However, if we go by the Tigrillo location, C. taltalensis might fit best?

December 2013:

Recent info has surfaced with matching photos to our plant shown as Copiapoa tigrillensis (Still an invalid name) confirming other resources as an intermediate form of C. longistaminea and C. columna-alba from the coastal mouth of the Quebrada Tigrillo (Tigrillo Valley) a localized form distinguished by its orange/brown spines. C. longistaminea has several local Valley forms, making it quite a variable species. Nowadays C. tigrillensis is regarded as C. longistaminea.