Fockea crispa

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This plant is native to South Africa. Grow in light shade, but keep the tuber constantly in shade. The leaves are crinkly compared to the smoother leaves of Fockea edulis.  Water this plant during the summer while it is growing, but in the dormant period (winter) keep dry, the tuber is rot prone. If the plant is grown in a warmer climate, it can usually grow year round, albeit slower during winter and will usually retain some of its leaves. It will need light waterings during winter in a warm climate area. If grown in a colder climate, it will usually go dormant during the winter and may drop all of it's leaves. It should be protected from long periods of extreme cold and frost. It will need only periodic waters to keep the caudex from shriveling when grown in colder climates. The flower is a greenish/yellow color.