Frailea sp. quantinensis aff. gracillima

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This plants habitat is South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uraguay) This originally came to us with the name Frailea quantinensis, which is just a catalog name from the Czech seed supplier Kaktusy. There is absolutely zero mention of this name anywhere on the web other than their seedlist. This name does not show up in any published literature on Frailea. Our best guess is that it bears a strong resemblance to Frailea gracillima. This plant grows a thumb thick cylindrical stem with nice purple tones and yellow/brown spines. It’s usually solitary, but may produce the occasional offset. Water in the summer but let it dry out during the winter. The flower is a yellow color and is huge in comparison to the plant. They will only open with extreme heat, but will usually still set seed even if they fail to open. Frailea species are cleistogamous, meaning they are self-pollinating with the ability to produce seed without the need to open their flowers or be pollinated by another plant.