Operculicarya decaryi

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Elephant Tree

This plant is native to the Toliara Province of south-west Madagascar. This is a dioecious species, meaning there are male and female plants. Being a young plant, we won't know if this plant is male or female until it’s mature enough to bloom. In habitat this plant will grow into a large tree, although in cultivation it is grown more so as a small tree or bonsai style in a smaller pot. In warmer climates this plant should retain its leaves year round, although in cooler climates it may lose its leaves during winter. The branches can be trimmed to keep the plant clean and tidy. This plant grows best in full sun. This plant needs very little water in the spring and summer months and next to none during the fall and winter dormant time. The plant is hardy to atleast 25-28F when dry, but should be protected from any temps lower than that. This plant has small reddish brown flowers.