Sansevieria ‘Ed Eby’

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This plant has an interesting story behind it. Sometimes seen with the name Sansevieria patens, originally described by N.E. Brown thought to have come from Kenya, but the actual origin and identity of S. patens remains an unsolved mystery. The plant was given the cultivar name ‘Ed Eby’, for it was he who rescued the plant from the Koko Crater Botanical Garden in Hawaii. The USDA had introduced many species of Sansevieria and planted them in the Koko Crater. The plant was distributed for awhile with the name S. patens in error. In 2005/2006 Sansevieria experts concluded that the indentity and origin of S. patens was a mystery and renamed the plant with the cultivar name ‘Ed Eby’. They also speculated that this plant was derived from hybrid origins, either on purpose by the USDA in Florida for a breeding program in search of strong fiber producing plants or from open pollination within the Koko Crater. The plant grows best in full sun to partial shade. Water in the summer but let it dry out during the winter. The flower is white.