Echinocactus grusonii

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Golden Barrel Cactus

This plant is native to Rio Moctezuma Valley, San Luis Potosi & Queretaro, Mexico. This is the classic Golden Barrel Cactus. This plant was extensively collected from its native habitat placing it in serious danger of extinction. Then, the construction of a major water dam threatened the Valley it grows in to be flooded so a Mexican botanical Garden quickly rescued as many plants as they could before this happened which resulted in a new conservation area for these plants to thrive and repopulate. Over the years this intensive rescue effort has provided nurseries with the necessary seeds to propagate this wonderful plant and it has become one of the most popular cacti in cultivation today. In 2005 a new habitat location was discovered in southern Zacatecas, almost 500km away. The plants in this new location differ slightly in form. Grow this plant in full sun. Water during the summer months, keep dry during the winter. The flowers are yellow.